Moderna Bar

Free Friday and Moderna Bar



Every Friday 6–8 pm, admission is free to the collection (Floor 4). Take the opportunity to see the collection and current exhibitions. Stay a little longer and visit Moderna Bar, where Moderna Museet and the Restaurant have created the perfect meeting place for art lovers, artists and other art professionals on Friday evenings. Featuring music, performances and lots of other exciting events.

Moderna Bar is open 5–11 pm. Events in the Bar start at 7 pm. Admission free.


Contact: Catrin Lundqvist



Moderna Bar



Electric City, Herring Town
Swedish-Japanese Undertainment At Its Best 

Admission free
An evening of short, more or less entertaining performances by artists, dancers and musicians from Musashino Art University (Tokyo) and Kungl. Konsthögskolan (Stockholm). The program is part of an ongoing collaboration between the two art schools. It is the third in a lose series of events, starting at Kid Ailack Art Hall (Tokyo) and MAU Video Atelier (Tokyo) in 2013. The series has been initiated by Christophe Charles (sound artist, professor at Musashino Arts University) and Olav Westphalen (artist, professor KKH). Electric City, Herring Town is hosted by Moderna Bar, and has received generous funding from the Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation as well as from Musashino Arts University and Kungl. Konsthögskolan.

Chiyuki Tashiro (JP)
Andreas Fägerskiold (SE)
Mizuki Hiramoto (JP)
Marie Yoda (JP)
Jonas Bentzer (SE)
Müller Hitoshi (JP)
Manon Fournié (FR)
Juanma González Marcos (ES)
Liz K. Peñuela (COL)
Christophe Charles (JP, FR)
Merzedes Šturm-Lie (SE, NO, BE)
Haruna Hirano (JP)
Johan Bergström Hyldahl (SE)
Emiko Nishiyama (JP)
Pella Kågerman (SE)
Tomas Endresen (NO)
Rebecca Digby (SE)
Éva Mag (SE)
Lars and Olav (or Olav and Lars) (SE, DE, US)